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In partnership with a french website, Allée du Foulard, I launch a little competition to win a 30 euros gift coupon on their site. Unfortunately, they only send items to France and Belgium, so I can’t offer you to participate. Maybe for the newt one 😉

Already five months I’m blogging here. I know that’s not a lot, but this space is my little baby, so 5 months is big for me ! So I’ll show you the looks I wear to present a little better Allée du Foulard. They have some pretty good stuff, like hats, a lot of differents scarves, ponchos


∴ Scarf and beanie – Set ∴

It’s been a long time since I wanted a big green scarf to go with my red hair ! This one is kind of cool ’cause it’s not very long but very thick ! OK, it’s 100% acrylic… but it’s very soft anyway. And I like the beanie too, it’s warm and cute with the pompom.

Sweater – Disney / ∴ Beanie & Scarf ∴ – Allée du Foulard / Earrings – Tana.K



∴ Wide-brimmed hat ∴

Aww it’s was such a long time since I want a big hat ! Now it’s done, even if I think it wil be not my last hat hehe 😉 It’s really solid, which is a good thing ’cause I lug it around with me in many places. And it kept its good shape, so it’s great !

 ∴ Wide-brimmed hat ∴ – Allée du Foulard / Cardigan – New Look / Top – Free People



∴ Silk scarf ∴

I flashed on this scarf when I saw it. It represents an Auguste Renoir’s painting, and it’s 100% silk. I’d rather wear it open on my shoulders because as I have kind of a “serious” face, knotted around my neck I look like a stewardess ! I don’t know if you see what I mean with this hihi. Anyway it’s really pretty, the colors are vivid, perfect to put some joy in a black outfit.

Necklaces set – Topshop / Dress – Forever 21 / ∴ Scarf ∴ – Allée du Foulard


Hope you liked this post despite of the competition in your country ! I’m really sorry, hope next time I’ll be able to offer you gifts too ! Maybe you noticed this little symbol around some clothes : ∴ Check on the about page for explanations. Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram ♥ have a great week, love ya !

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  1. Wow…amazing pictures! Love the green scarf and beanie…


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