When my Mess is a Bless

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Un photophore tressé devant une carte du monde


_DSC3205Sometimes, my mess is a real bless.

I was wandering into my home today, camera in hands, wondering what I’ll write for my first article on this blog. It such an important project for me, I’m so passionate about it ♥

As  usual, apartment is pretty messy. My stuffs are all over the place, in a huge storm of objects, clothes, minerals, pictures, plants (yes yes !), which  intermingle and dance in a total chaos. My own little chaos. At this point my vision increased, and suddenly I saw things I usually didn’t pay attention to.




Those fabrics, those colors, those images which interlace took a crazy dimension into my lens. My mess became poetic, interesting, I wanted to touch everything, photograph everything, and it’s what I did.

It’s amazing to realize we have a lot a little wonders in your home… We live with everyday, but we never really see it ! I love watching those different patterns and textures, those colors who live together… there are my things. Which get all tangled. So here are some parts of my souk, little pieces of life which accumulate. I never succeed to get rid of it. Who knows, maybe it’ll give you some ideas for your own personal mess…♥




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