5 things learned in 5 months on the road

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Pai’s rain, Thailand


I’m not a patient person. I like when everything is going quick and forward. In Paris, I lived hard and fast. But in Asia, everything is slower. Except maybe in restaurant ! So you have to be patient; no choice.

Waiting for the bus half a day then stay in the bus for 20 hours, take time to make yourself understood by people who don’t speak your language, no being pissed, accept the unexpected… well, I learned to stay positive and calm in front of the tumulus of new things I’m confronted to every single day. Even while it’s chaos, you have to wait for your luck to turn; that what brings us to the next lesson, which is still a pretty big thing for me !

To let go

It’s still my biggest challenge. I like to control my situation, my itinerary, mes plans when I have any. But on the road, if we don’t want to become annoyed, or worst, aggressive, we have to accept that we control… well, not much 🙂 except the way we decide to take the events happening to us ! Like in life in general; but while travelling, everything is a bit more intense. We have to let go, and to accept to be a leaf flying with the wind.

If we are flexible, we can turn everything unexpected happening to us at our advantage !

We just have to accept to improvise ! I rarely traveled this way before. So living like this, I would had never think about it… but now I can’t picture myself doing another way. It would seem fade to me haha ! And so less challenging.

When my mum brought me some of my old clothes in Chiang Mai, Thailand

To live with less

I probably owned more than one hundred dresses back in France. I sold about 25% of it before I left. I loved my furnitures, my jewelry, my shoes, my makeup, my books and my dvds. I can’t picture myself live without all this.

Yet, it’s possible ! The proof is, it’s been 5 months now that I’m travelling with a 38L backpack.

Okay I’m thinking about extending it, ’cause I will need some pullovers as I’m heading higher altitudes soon. But change from several full closets to a simple backpack, for me, it’s really something huge. I know now that I CAN live with a pair of jeans, of trousers, a short and 3 tops. Priiiide 😀


In myself, in life events. You can also call it optimisme 🙂 I got out of so many complicated situations, shitty and isolated places, and yet my luck was always there. And my resourcefulness too.

When we don’t understand what is happening around us, by communication failing for example, or when we don’t know where to sleep, we have to not make a big deal about it. I know it’s hard. But we have to keep faith in ourselves and in the next step. I always fin a solution, there was always someone to help me when I needed it. Don’t be afraid, have faith ! Trust !

Hakuna Matata !

Mui Ne’s dunes, Vietnam

Nothing is insurmountable

I know you’re probably “meh” in front of this affirmation, but I can assure you. This is the most precious thing I learned on the road. From my experience, there are not a lot of problems that you can’t solve thanks to a good night of sleep and a nice meal. I overcame my problems in France; and I overcome my problems on the road, today.

Sometimes you feel like you can’t get out of a situation. It’s just because you need to solve it, or accept it.

Our head is here but your mind is elsewhere, all hotels are fully booked, bus are gone… We think we are not able to make it. BUT. We are 🙂 always. Why ? Because Lady Gaga. “baby we are born to survive”. We won the race, we’re here for something. We deserve it. So : let’s get over ourselves, and fight. Let’s breath deeply, and think. This lesson is good for everyone and everyone situation.

Whatever we are on the road, or not ♥

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