Winter in Poland

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All this pics are by us.

A gloomy parisian morning, five crazy friends to Poland were going, to see nice things and cheap drinking. Our road trip lasted 5 days : We left Paris to join Ojców national park, then to visit Kraków and Worclaw, to finally join Berlin, where our team as craycray as us were waiting for us to celebrate the new year.

Like each road trip, it really gave me the opportunity to learn a tone of things, to settle my priorities in life and to recenter myself. It was amazing !

Now, here are few infos pretty useful to know about Poland ! 

Littles houses and shops, quietly settle in Ojców national park


  • Poland is part of UE, so if you’re also european citizen, ID is enought to travel.
  • From Paris, you need approximatly 13h by car (without break) to arrive to Ojców, which was our first (and very nice) step. There are some tollbooths and a lot of resting area on the road !

The price

  • the currency is the Zloty. 1€ is, at the time I’m writing, worthing 4,36 zloty.
  • the price of living there is extremely low, for us french people.
  • Accommodation, about 10€ per person and by night.
  • Meals : We can eat a very good meal in a restaurant for 5€, in the street for less. And vodka bottle are at… 2€. Yayay.
Yes, we like to disguise all the time. I rarely smile that much on pictures. It’s “mignon”, héhé.

Totoro, a racoon, a rabbit and a mignon were spotted in Kraków.


  • We took two air bnb and one hostel for 4 days.
  • The hostel was not thaaaat amazing, but for 9€ the night, it was quite enough. But keep in mind than by adding 2/3€, you can have a very nice air bnb; price is just changing according to the city you are in.
  • I had a little crush for our first air bnb, which was directly in the national park. It was a châlet, and the family who owned it was living just under our appartment. It was clean, comfy… very nice !

Wather and nature

  • A lot of nature in Poland. Four days was too short to it all of course, but we really enjoyed Ojców park, and there are a lot of this kind to see apparently !
  • When we arrived, it was snowing… it was beautiful ! It was around 0°, which is quite warm I think for the country in winter. And the cold was more easy to handle than in France, don’t know why 😉
Ojców Park


  • Kraków has an amazing architecture, made by old buildings, street arts and modernity. For me Poland cities were really nice and kind of “warm” in the certain way.
  • in Kraków you can visit the Schindler factory. It seemed quite an interesting part of history, but it asked for a lot of time so we didn’t take the tour.
  • Sainte-Marie Basilic, in this same city, is really beautiful, all built of bricks. It shows pretty good the mix of styles of the city, between gothic architecture and Renaissance !
  • Poland has a very rich cultural heritage, you can feel it even by spending only few days there. I’ll let you discover everything, ’cause I didn’t had a lot of time to explore by myself 😉


  • It’s quite cheap and fun to party in Poland. With their 2€ vodka bottle, I advice you to be careful héhé !
  • A lot of bars and clubs are sooo cheap. Example -> 28 vodka shots or 4 cocktails = 25€. Take that, Paris !
  • WARNING for you my friends : even if most of the establishments are not expensive, do not take this for a given; it can happen to randomly arrive in a “hype” club, call for a round of drinks, and find yourself with 4 cocktails for… 72€ ! (true story… hahahaha)
  • In some cities, there are pub crowls organised; it’s a crowd of people, going from bars to clubs, under the direction of promoters. Everybody can join this fun crowd, and in Kraków, it was for the price of… 5€ by person. It gives you pass, one drink in each places you’re going (3 or 4), plus shots when you arrive, directly poured in your mouse. We decided to spend the night by ourselves, but to have follow the crowd in the first club, the concept is really fun ! Quite useful to meet people !


Poland is great ! Hope to come back one day to see more ! Did you ever went there ? ♥

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