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A simple word, so many possibilities. What I love the most in this world.

It’s the better treatment, the better cure. The most beautiful chance to take. Whatever if it’s in the country next door or at the other side of the world. Whatever the weather, the landscape, who is along the way. Traveling is teaching us things on absolutely everything : others, the world, life; and above all on ourselves. What is the most precious to me, isn’t my phone, my flat of a pair of shoes. It’s my memories. All those fantastic travel memories.

I was lucky to start traveling pretty young. It wasn’t for crazy adventures but I think it’s what help me to develop my creativity and my side which is willing to know everything. When we’re travailing, we are letting all trivialities behind, even if we have physical and emotional baggages which are always (and sometimes unfortunately) following us. But in any case we are leaving our comfort zone, we’re seeing things on a different angle, we meet new people who are different too. For me it’s priceless.

Bao Vista, Cabo Verde


New York City, USA

After each trip, I feel different. A little bit changed, a lil’ bit grow up. Even if the point is to physically move, deeply each travel has also a spiritual side. In our mind, it’s moving. Of course, the most cartesians ones will say that getting tan in Ibiza is everything but a mental pilgrimage and will not change everything for anyone. WELL. But you know, everything depends of the state of mind and of the approach of everyone 😉

I see each expedition as a new chance to learn more, see more, soak up more of the world which is around me, of the pachamama (cup-cui, I know haha). I’m bulimic of the new, an obsessive of the unknown. It’s my vision; I could almost speak about belief. Just to take a train, a plane, a boat, feeling ourself flying toward new horizons, new encounters, new hopes and dreams under construction; it’s a wonderful feeling isn’t it ?! It’s a pure search of excitation.

To travel is the only thing you buy which makes you richer. Unknown writer 

Iguazú, Argentina/Brazil


London, UK

Travelling open our mind and our heart. But I confess that even if I’m irreducible curious, I want to see everything on earth, to do everything, to know everything… I have a very egocentric bond with all this. ‘Cause when I travel, I don’t just go to reach out to people. I don’t just want to discover all those cultures. What I’m also really searching for, deeply, is to find myself.

On every face, every stranger’s smile, in each landscapes, on each signs, across all the grain of sand, at the sound of the singing and deep down each customs, I find myself a little bit more. I know it sound sooo cheesy but, it’s really how I feel. And man, to feel, ahah that I know. To travel by feeling, to feel by traveling. It’s the story of my life. It’s this way I grow up. I think it’s while loosing yourself outside what you have, what you know, where you live, while loosing you outside of what you are, that you really find yourself.


On this great feelings and a mad desire to go back on the road, I leave you and wish you to travel around the world ♥

Boa Vista, Cabo Verde_DSC2708PVAP2648Somewhere seen from the sky

Few movies to give you the craving for travel :

On the Road; Eat, pray, love; Elizabethtown; Into the Wild; The secret life of Walter Mitty

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