Wednesday becomes Prettiness day !

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Since a while now, I was searching for a pun involving a day of the week to share with you regularly the pictures I like, to have at least one regular post, on a specific day and a specific subject. Then when I saw I don’t remember which photo I thought “aww, it’s so full of cuteness !“. Yeah, I think in english in my head very often, and sometimes it comes out weird ! 🙂 So, my brain made directly the link between cuteness -> wednesday = cutenessday ! However, the pictures I love to watch are not just cute, sometimes it is kind of beautiful. So, one wednesday it will be “cutenessday“, and the other  it will be “prettinessday” ! Very english, isn’t it?

So it is on this first wednesday of november that I start with this little theme pictures concept ! Every wednesday, a new mood board with a theme (or not!), but always photos full of cuteness and pretty things, to fill up on inspiration in the middle of the week ! Tell me if you like the concept ♥

Elena Kalis541469_10151323389747705_1244659043_n2samantha33

From top to bottom, from left to right :

one : photography from Elena Kalis

two : Anna Selezneva, Blumarine spring 2013 campaign, three : photo-quote from Free People

four : Lucy Liu for More’s magazine, september 2012, five : ? found on Pinterest

six : photo from Samantha Meglioni

seven : instagram’s pix from Anastasia Kuzminaeight : lookbook’s pix “Into the Wild” from Planet Blue

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  1. Hayley-Eszti says:

    Such pretty inspirations! The first photo is just beautiful, I wish that was me right now!


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