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I spent one month in Vietnam last year, during my asian journey. I found a beautiful, hard country, full of wonders. I entered by the south-west frontier, by walking, via Cambodia. My itinerary went from south to north, with 10 steps.

Islands and cities as Phu Quoc and Da Nang are also visited by tourists… but I wasn’t interested so I didn’t went there 🙂

Can Tho

First city I visited, I loved Can Tho. Everything you need to know is in the video (english subtitles available 😉 )

Hô Chi Minh (also known as Saïgon)

I stayed a bit less than a week in this city. Traveler during the day, working as a waitress by night, I have great memories there.

Addresses/to see/to do :

  • Royal Saïgon Restaurant(on Bui Vien, backpackers’ area) : where I lived, slept, ate, worked. Delicious food, huge plates, for sooo cheap. Go there, you will not regret it ! If you go, give my best to Thang, the owner 🙂 he’s the sweetest !
  • wander along Bui Vien : backpackers’ street. Red lights, escorts in front of bars, 5$ cocktails, 50 cts paquet of cigarettes, tiny sidewalks, wet atmosphere and crowded streets. Perfect place to enjoy the party-like vibe of the neighborhood !
  • Vietnam War Remnants Museum : if you’re too sensitive, don’t go. Very hard pictures of the war in there, so much that you can see visitors seat and cry and the hallways. Hard to watch but very informative if you want to understand more the people and the country.

Mui Ne

I laugh when I think of my Mui Ne adventures. Not much to do there, a lot of young backpackers, and perfect place to be if you love sands and rocks.

To do :

  • Fairy Stream : small way between the forest and rock formations, feet in the water, with pretty colors. Small waterfalls here and there, quite nice thing to do (pic above).
  •  White Dunes : large and stiff dunes. You can rent a quad for a lot of money, but we decided by two and I had a good laugh when we were flying so fast above the dunes (by the way we had a little crash because of my crazy driver and I opened my leg ! So watch out 😉 )
  • Red Dunes : beautiful brown sand, nice views from the top, perfect for a sunset.

Be aware : don’t rent a scooter to move around over there, police is watching and give hug tickets to tourists without the international licence !

Da Lat

I really liked Da Lat ! It’s kind of between a town and a village, I never saw this kind of atmosphere before. There are nice unique things to do there, and it’s a appreciable stop between Mui Ne and Hoi An, if you travel in bus like myself.

Adresses/to see/to do :

  • Cozy Nook Hostel : probably the best hostel I had in Asia 🙂 nice location, great vive, cool family dinner at night to make friends. Cheap drinks and comfy bed !
  • The Crazy House : strange house, really unique, a real maze ! Stairs everywhere and in fact, crazy architecture. It was a bit magical, like in a fairytale, I loved it. Very crowded tho.
  • lcanyoning in Elephant falls : too expensive for me, but it’s probably worth it if you’re in for sensations in nature !
  • big crush :  Thien Vien Truc Lam monastère. really peaceful place in the mountain. You can reach it by cablecar, which is a great moment above the trees.

Hoi An

Everything you need to know to visit Hoi An is in this video 😉 I loved this city soooo much, it’s so cute ! To see the written infos, you can check the addresses here : Hoi An.


I just stay there 24 hours, and honestly I didn’t enjoy this city. I didn’t even take a picture ! It’s just very interesting to visit the impressive citadelle and most of all the imperial city, which is truly beautiful.

Ninh Binh & Cat Ba

My two spots to visit Ha Long bay while skipping the big tourist area and enjoying magnificent view !

en échappant au flot touristique un minimum, et tout en s’en prenant plein la vue ! Everything is explained in my video above (english subtitles available) 😉

Ninh Binh is the place where you can stay to visit Tam Coc, and its terrestre bay. You can also climb to the viewpoint, which is very nice !

Cat Ba is the island from where you can visit the maritime Ha Long bay, with less tourism than somewhere else. You can stay in Pont Bungalow hostel; its dorms are not clean but it’s cheap and you have one of the most beautiful view I’ve ever seen ! (pic below)


Capital of the country, it’s a nice place to party and enjoy the lifestyle, with its night markets and street shows. I stayed there a bit less than a week, in the suburb, at a couch surfing place. They were two sisters, very cute and so kind, whom I learn a lot from and I shared great memories with them. I’ll try to make a video of my experience at their place soon 😉

Sa Pa and its valley

Sa Pa is a very nice mountain town, very attractive, with nice markets and events (especially on the weekend).

To do/to see :

  • the museum of the city : very interesting, and not crowded at all, full of anecdotes and objects, mostly about the ethnies of the mountain.
  • Wander in the city, really unique and different compared to the other I did in Vietnam. It reminded me a bit of Europe !
  • must-do : a trek in Sa Pa valley ! I stayed with a Hmong family in the mountains, walking around the rice fields and cooking in their little house… it was so magical ! (chilling at the top in their hammock, pic below)

I hope this map and my addresses helped you to dream about your next trip 🙂 tell me what you think in comments ! ♥


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