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The Belvédère of Vienna

First step : Vienna. 1235km

We’re leaving the Austria capital this morning after a little less than two days. It was short but very intense, exactly like the rest of our trip I think. A lot of time spent in the car (13 hours between France and Vienne), visiting and dancing make that we embrace a lifestyle without time pressure or real schedule. We sleep when we can, we visit all day, dance all night, and we laught all the time. It is so wonderful 😀

We spent two nights in a great air b&b, 20 minutes walk away from the center. Friday and saturday by day were for visits, and the nights for clubbing. Vienne isn’t a gorgeous city according to me, but I really admired the bridges, its parks and its huge monuments anyway. It’s a beautiful historic city for sure. Even if everything was tainted with extatic Pokémon Go players of course (the worst is that some are my friends haha)


Some random facts learnt here :

  • official language is deutch. Didn’t know that.
  • austrian fashion store are so worst in my opinion… sorry but I never saw so awful styles, really !
  • in the center there are accriages everywhere and the poor horses are wearing colorful hats on their ears !
  • selective sorting is quite a big deal for autrian people. And it’s for the good ! (Warning : neighbors are watching you and if you make a mistake with the trash, you will quickly know it!)
  • Visa card isn’t accepted everywhere. Odd.
  • the Danube river crosses the city.
  • Vienne would have 4 times more bridges than Venise.

Some things to do and see :

  • Schönbrunn castle, it’s gardens and especially its belveder, you can enjoy a unique view of Vienna from there (see pic below). There are also pretty fun labyrinths and a zoo.
  • The Hofburg, bigger palace of the town, where you can also find Sisi museum.
  • City hall very impressive and its main square. A lot of little world food stands here, and you can eat typically Austrian meals there, for less than 6€ (so good). I tested a sausage with cheese and Cayenne pepper in it, it was delicious but SO so fat (not so good). Another good point, a rosary is near by and every rose bush is dedicated with a note, often a romantic one. Cute.
  • The Belveder, south town, another very beautiful monument.
  • For underground techno lovers, the Flex is the club. Near the Danube, it reminds me of Concrete or FAUST club in France. But inside, it’s really not like that. Very dark room, informed and experienced customers and very cheap drinks (6€ vodka-red bull, so 50% cheaper than in France).

Now we’re heading Budapest (+250km) for the unique  Sziget festival ! See ya <3


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