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I never felt close to this vision of a model child, even when I was a little girl and that I was running from swimming to dance class, between harp lesson and music theory. I always had a rebel mind. But it’s the title which inspired me this outfit anyway.

A little model child’s jumpsuit but with an original twit brought by the little origami birds. I bought it in Zara, despite of all my goodwill, I just fell for it. And it’s so playful, because it looks like a dress !

With it I wear a Nasty Gal cape, I like it very much with the hood… but I’ll not lie, it’s not warm at all ! I’m also wearing New Look shoes, or the most comfortable shoes EVER ! Seriously, to be 8cm taller without the fear to fall or have pain, is it magical or what ??


Supeerr Caaaaaapeee !

I put a little fox doodled very quickly, ’cause I’d like to do it a cute little recurrent thing on the blog 🙂 I can be a little fox lady, can’t I ?

On the right hand I wear a ring made in Murano glass bought in Carnac (little city near the see in north’s France), and on the left hand a ring from Vintage Pearl (also seen in this post) and from a market in the center of the country. I also put a fake tattoo on my wrist from Urban Decay but it began to fade because of the place it was.

This photos were taken by Gabrielle Malewski. I really like the light of her work and the colors too ! And we are so getting along with each other, it’s great, so you’ll see other pictures by her for sure ! Take a look to her fb page too

I send you a bunch of Bixx, have a wonderful weekend ! 


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  1. Julie says:

    This is such a great outfit! I really love the fox you doodled 🙂

    Julie // Northern Rustication

  2. These photos look amazing! I love your dress, tattoo, and the filter on the photo’s

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