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Volunteering in the jungle


I wanted to begin my big journey by something important to me. Something I find helpful. I’ve always been intrigued by wild animals, and I know that if we don’t do something about it, for the next generations they will be no more than a concept. Like dinosaurs. “Magic” animals, which disappeared. Because of us. […]

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Siem Reap


Siem Reap was the first spot of my brand new life, and my arrival in Cambodia. On april 14th, after just more than half a day of travelling. Fourteen hours to restart my whole life, it’s nothing… my new path began here. It wasn’t on purpose, but the day I arrived was the first day of […]

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Winter in Poland


Click on the picture to see it full width 😉 All this pics are by us. A gloomy parisian morning, five crazy friends to Poland were going, to see nice things and cheap drinking. Our road trip lasted 5 days : We left Paris to join Ojców national park, then to visit Kraków and Worclaw, to finally […]

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The day I decided to do the tour of the world

How to

This very catchy title isn’t totally accurate… I didn’t woke up, one morning, and told myself “hey, I’m going to discover the world right now !”. It’s a background project of life, an idea which grow old with time, experiences and people I met. But few weeks now, I decided that this dream, will become […]

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The Belvédère of Vienna First step : Vienna. 1235km We’re leaving the Austria capital this morning after a little less than two days. It was short but very intense, exactly like the rest of our trip I think. A lot of time spent in the car (13 hours between France and Vienne), visiting and dancing make that […]

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