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Winter in Poland


Click on the picture to see it full width 😉 All this pics are by us. A gloomy parisian morning, five crazy friends to Poland were going, to see nice things and cheap drinking. Our road trip lasted 5 days : We left Paris to join Ojców national park, then to visit Kraków and Worclaw, to finally […]

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The day I decided to do the tour of the world

World's Tour

This very catchy title isn’t totally accurate… I didn’t woke up, one morning, and told myself “hey, I’m going to discover the world right now !”. It’s a background project of life, an idea which grow old with time, experiences and people I met. But few weeks now, I decided that this dream, will become […]

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Road Trip Summer 2016

The Belvédère of Vienna First step : Vienna. 1235km We’re leaving the Austria capital this morning after a little less than two days. It was short but very intense, exactly like the rest of our trip I think. A lot of time spent in the car (13 hours between France and Vienne), visiting and dancing make that […]

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The beginning

Road Trip Summer 2016

I will finally be able to add some stuff to my travel category 🙂 oooh yeaaaaaah ! To explain, I’m leaving for at least three weeks with my craycray friends, for a road trip across Europe. We are going to do 2 festivals : the Sziget, biggest festival in Europe, which takes place in Budapest, […]

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What I love the most


Venice, Italy Traveling. A simple word, so many possibilities. What I love the most in this world. It’s the better treatment, the better cure. The most beautiful chance to take. Whatever if it’s in the country next door or at the other side of the world. Whatever the weather, the landscape, who is along the […]

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