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Bali’s little practical guide


If you don’t have much time to do your researches, and if you want to know right now which parts of Bali are for you, this post is for you mate ! Bali is a very touristic island of Indonesia. I spent one and a half month there. Of course all this advices are coming […]

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4 unique things to do in Hoi An


Hoi An is a veeery cute cite, particularly loved by tourists. In fact I think it was my favorite place in Vietnam ! Its architecture is well-preserved, et life seems to be very sweet there with its river, its locals shops and its thousands of lanterns. Before, the city was on the way of maritime trade […]

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Ha Long bay


Ha Long bay was the thing I wanted to see the most in Vietnam. But once close my goal, I found myself lost, and I didn’t see any good information on the subject. How to visit Ha Long bay ? In which cities should I stay ? How to avoid the crowd of tourists ? I heard […]

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New York City : My tips


Après two stay in the wonderful New York City, I though I was ready to write here my advices to travel there 🙂 I will update this post every time something will come in my mind. It’ll be in the Diary category for now. In this post you can find my pix of the week I […]

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Pierre Sang in Oberkampf (Paris)


I saw Pierre Sang‘s restaurant grow up and open at the corner of my design’s school two years ago. I pass in front of the window every day, and then I went eat lunch there with my mom almost every week. I was our little ritual ! It’s one of my favorite restaurant in Paris. […]

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