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The Belvédère of Vienna First step : Vienna. 1235km We’re leaving the Austria capital this morning after a little less than two days. It was short but very intense, exactly like the rest of our trip I think. A lot of time spent in the car (13 hours between France and Vienne), visiting and dancing make that […]

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End of summer

Fashion & Thoughts

I barely was as excited by the end of the summer in Paris. Goodbye the heat of the subway, the clothes never too light, the powerful craving for the beach when you’re stuck in the traffic jam (I think this point will never end though 😉 !). What does the end of summer represents for […]

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Superdry Summertime

Fashion & Thoughts

When I knew I was invited to discover the new  Superdry‘s store on Rivoli’s street, I was thrilled. I heard the name of this brand since a while now, and I knew it thanks to its very cool and practical bags. But I never had the chance to get a closer look to the clothes. We can’t […]

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