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8 photos to dream about Cambodia


A tasty pineapple curry in a restaurant, Siem Reap Wildlife Sanctuary‘s elephants, north of the country Siem Reap river The mystique beauty of Angkor Wat Most beautiful beach of my life, Koh Rong Samloem A monk in a mountain temple Sunset above the Kampot river Salt fields, Kampot

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Fashion & Thoughts

When we’re young adult (yes I don’t picture myself as an adult, I’m completely in denial haha), we ask ourselves a lot of questions about the after. About our future. About what we are suppose to do. Who are we gonna be ? What do we have to build ? Where are we gonna live ? […]

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Prettinessday !


There is a lot of beauty in contrasts. Beauty from pain, from joy. From shadow and from light. Put together, some pictures which contrasts with each others, which is making them even beautifuler. It reveals them. Like white emphasizes black, the tragedy sublimates the happiness, etc. A thing can’t really exist without its antithesis, its […]

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Wednesday becomes Prettiness day !


Since a while now, I was searching for a pun involving a day of the week to share with you regularly the pictures I like, to have at least one regular post, on a specific day and a specific subject. Then when I saw I don’t remember which photo I thought “aww, it’s so full […]

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My Autumn Bucket List


Each new season is like a new start : winter with new year eve, spring with the come back of the sun and the big cleaning, summer with the end of the “school year”, and autumn with the end of holidays and for many of us, a new start in school. Even if autumn is […]

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