Safari in Chitwan

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We made a stop in Chitwan national park, in the south of Nepal. It is a very well-preserved region, where fauna and flora are very dense; it has been magical for me, who love to live near nature !

We stayed in Chitwan Gaida Lodge, in bungalows builded in a big garden with a jungle-vibe. The staff is very thoughtful and the environment is really soothing, it was heaven. We wanted to enjoy the experience fully by organizing a “Safari” day : pirogue, hiking, jeep, everything was there to learn about nepalese nature and to see the animals, without disturbing them. I did few safaris, and this one was really good, and it has not caused any ethical problem for me : the parc is huge, we are just a bunch of people, and we observe animals from far.

Only big big problem, there are a lot of domesticated elephants in Chitwan; it’s illegal to capture and train them since around 30 years ago, but a lot of them are born and live as pet, in gardens of people. And they ride them. It hurts.

Did you ever do a safari ? In which country ? 🙂

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