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Hey my little fox ! Tell me if I’m wrong but I think in english you can call people fox right ? And as I’m a girl fox (story explanation later…) I decided I’ll call you my little fox from… now ! So I am in Mickey’s paradise this weekend, so I will come back on monday with a mountain of cute pictures, my eyes full of stars and a bunch of memories in the pocket. I’ll show you all this, I promise ! This photo montage is probably one of the worst I ever made; but it makes me laugh !! It’s the most important, isn’t it ? In fact, I decided to make photo sessions with my disney’s character friends ! You’ll see… 😉

Disney, as a lot of girls in my generation, is kind of a deeply loved world, where I can dancing around and singing out loud with a crown on my head without anybody find it strange. A beautiful world, innocent, full of colors and stories. Kind of a refuge, actually.

It was our annual tradition with my mother to spend a january weekend there when I was little. In Disneyland Paris of course, since I leave in France ! I missed it ! Every time, we stay in the Disneyland Hotel (the big pink one at the beginning of the park), and each time we go to the swimming pool, and at this exact moment it’s snowing. Always. Maybe tomorrow it will happen again 🙂

Have a very beautiful weekend too ♥

Headband offered by the Galeries Lafayette / Necklace offered by my dear friend Lulla

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  1. Michelle L. says:

    The necklace is so cute! Loving this look, being an Alice in Wonderland fan myself. 🙂


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