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I take a lot of time to write posts here. But I so want to do my best ! I guess with time it will get better and faster and I will post a lot more.

For this first shoot outside, I really wanted to give you my best ! That’s why I chose to go in the most beautiful place I know : Creuse’s forest. The Creuse’s region has unfortunately a bad reputation for french people, because it is in the middle of “nowhere”, in center of France. There are a lot of cows, pretty bad reception, but most importantly, it really is preserved. Preserved from the world, from pollution, from constructions.

When I was a little girl, I really liked the sea. Now, I am in love with woods for good. The flow of the river, the rustling of leaves, the way they change of tones with seasons, the smell of the earth, are enchanted things for me ! I always find woods so magic, it inspires me, it makes me dream, feel reconnected with myself.

Pocahontas, be gooone ! 

I picked this outfit because I can picture it in a modern fairytale ! A sparkling sweater, a skater skirt, wedges baskets and some jewelry, it is usual for a lot of us in the “normal” life, right?






Sweater Topshop (past year)

Skirt Forever 21 (similar)

Baskets New Look

Necklace and bracelets Forever 21

Rings from left to right : (marché de Creuse, Vintage Pearl, Iam)

The Creuse is such an under estimated region ! The positive point is that all this wild nature, all this beauty is preserved and offers its treasures just for the ones who know it. But it’s suffering anyway, because of its lake of notoriety, there isn’t a lot of doctors, few schools, no financial support… But so much delicious things to eat, and landscapes which take you breath away ! I’m so lucky to enjoy all this ! It is thanks to my love, who is “creusois” ♥ A big massive thank you to him because he helped me to take the pictures ! Even if the Creuse is 5 hours away from our home, we go there pretty often. So I’ll try to shoot a lot of fashion series there, so you can enjoy the landscape too 🙂

Hope you liked this fashion serie ! See you soon, have a great week ! ♥

Since I saw the movie Elizabethtown when I was a teen-ager, I take all the magic things I see in “mental picture” with my hands. So it’s not really the images, but the moment’s feelings which go directly in my head. I like that !_DSC3560_DSC3564_DSC3659_DSC3537_DSC3570_DSC3499_DSC3597_DSC3524_DSC3646_DSC3673

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  1. ~ Carmen ~ says:

    What a stunning location. The water & greenery make for the loveliest backdrop. I really like your shiny, fuzzy sweater. Perfect!! :] // ☼ ☯

  2. Lovey says:

    This is absolutely stunning! Such rich greens and beautiful forest.
    Truly magical

  3. olia says:

    So beautiful! Please stop by my blog, hope you’ll follow along!

  4. Prudence Yeo says:

    Really beautiful and enchanting images! Love your fuzzy casual chic sweater and you look very pretty!


  5. Courtney says:

    Such amazing photos! That blue sweater looks gorgeous against that backdrop! 🙂
    XO Color Me Courtney
    Dress Outside The Lines

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