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Since I’m a teenager, I love arranging moodboards. It’s so inspiring ! In fashion school, we learnt that it’s one of the first step to create a collection. It’s like a creative flux of thoughts on a paper. This  is great !


Inspirations : 40’s and 50’s; Modern influences; Tulle and fairytales

Here are some extracts of the “inspiration diary” I had. I begin again to select, cut, arrange et stick pictures recently; I missed it so bad ! What it’s magic when we’re doing a moodboard, it’s that no one can say “no, you’re doing it wrong !”. It’s very free, very personal and subjective : what matters is that the big picture vibes in us.

I’m currently having fun in Copenhaguen 🙂 so I let you with those little pieces of my moldboards, if you like it I will show you others.

Have a great week ♥


40’s and 50’s : Marilyn Monroe, my grandparents (♥), The Notebook, Liz Taylor


Tulle and fairytale : Peau d’âne by Jacques Demy, Vogue shoots, Empress Sissi, watercolor’s drawings


Modern Influences : Emma Watson, Rihanna and her red hair, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Carrie Bradshaw

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