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If you are following my Facebook page for a while, you probably know I won the #ModePyjama contest launched by Princesse tam-tam, thanks to my instagram account. As I promised, here is a little post to show you my night ! 🙂

The contest’s purpose was to share a pix or a creative video in pyjamas mode, with the hashtag; with each #ModePyjama, a little donation was given for the Joséphine association, who helps deprived women to take care of their beauty. The price was a night only for the 50 winners and their friends, in a gorgeous parisian hotel, with very girly activities scheduled ! I won thanks to my Cocoon video (you can see it here), and I was soooo happy !

With my very (too) pretty friend Lucille, we went this party, dressed with our prettiest high socks, to have fun all night long. And sincerely, it was great 😀 I didn’t take my camera because I really wanted to enjoy the evening and to relax ! So the pix are from our iPhones… it’s not so bad, it shows you the atmosphere ! We also made a little video to show you the really fun girl vibe ! (warning : girls are LOUD !)



There were two floors with differents rooms, sorted by themes :

  • the cosy room where we can eat candy cakes watching romantic movies (Pretty Woman, Titanic, Romeo + Juliet…) on a very cool bed
  • a room with beautiful mirrors and everything you need to make your face clean and pretty
  • the Funky suite with the Cointreau cocktails bar, full of mini hamburgers and corner when you can get fake tattoos
  • a room to take polaroids of you and your friends
  • a discotheque space with girly music
  • a room full of couch, fun lights and a karaoke
  • a huge room to eat, rest, and making your own choux à la crème or eclairs with chocolate or caramel…
  • and finally another one with boxing class and… pole dance !! My friend Lucille set a pole dance teacher, and I am so into this sport since two years, so it’s useless to describe you our screams when we run on the poles to dance… it was so cool ! We even show some tricks to the girls, it’s was awesome !

The décor was great, and most of the girls were in the theme and were fooling around in sleepsuit and babydool dress. The most of ours were bloggers and/or youtubers, so it was like selfies and photoshoot time !

In few words, it was the dream pyjama party… See you soon ! 


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