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Hello guys 🙂 With this shoot, I would like to talk to you about love. Not about LOVE, because for me there isn’t juste one kind, there are a lot. A lot of loves. Not about ONE love either, ’cause it’s not lost inside all the others. No no, just talk about love.

When we are just a child, we think about love as a very specific thing. That there is a before and an after. It’s not completely true. To fall in love, it makes you change, forever. But the story doesn’t end when you begin to love. The life doesn’t suddenly transform as a “happy ever after”. We fall, we stumble, we are hurt, and with a little luck, we have some to share this scars with.

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My love’s name is Baptiste. It was him, and it always is. Seven years have come by, and together we lived many sorts of love. I don’t believe in soul mate, I believe in life’s choices, in control of our destiny. And he is my choice ♥

I choose this title for my post in reference to A Mighty Heart, a drama with Angelina Jolie. Not the most romantic movie trip indeed, but it’s at the end of this movie, when In a manner of speaking began in the room, that I first felt I was falling in love with him.

We really enjoyed ourselves with this shoot. It’s the very talented Samantha Meglioli who photographed us at the Buttes Chaumont park’s, when fall was nice. We never went there, so it was the occasion ! I really like her fairy pictures, very luminous. She succeed to freeze our moments so wonderfully, like with a magic wand. This photos give me the impression to come out straight from a modern fairytale. My own fairytale.


This outfits, it’s really us. They are similar with being the same. They match, and look good together. It’s the same things I like about us. We are look alike but we are different.

Him : Sweater Forever 21, Shirt Forever 21, Pants Jules, Shoes Eram, Bracelet from Argentina, Ring Vintage Pearl

Elle : Cardigan Forever 21, Dress GAP, Shoes New Look, Rings from Carnac, I am and Vintage Pearl, Bracelet Vintage, Earrings Didier Guerin

Photos : Samantha Meglioli

Huge amount of Love for you ♥blog9blog10blog11


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  1. Oly says:

    Your hair looks amazing! I had turquoise ombre last year, and I have so many great memories left!:) Love how you matched the tones with the sweater!

    Oly // Tlv Birdie Blog
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  2. Saci says:

    7 years.. oh my that is a lot! congrats you two! thanks for dropping by my blog! kisses 🙂

    ChocolateFashionCoffee Facebook Page

  3. Dianne says:

    Love this post! and your photos are beautiful, and your outfit is amazing

  4. Lovey says:

    Thanks for the comment on my blog love! And OMG DARLING THIS POST IS ADORABLE IN EVERY WAY! So happy I clicked on your link, the words and photos you shared of your beautiful life just made my night! Wonderful wishes this Holiday season,


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