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I spent around 2 months in Thailand. It’s like my headquarter in Asia, I come and go quite often. I “lived” more than I visited, and I concentrated my experiences in the North. Here is an itinerary you can do, not really outside the touristic path, but simple, nice and efficient to enjoy this amazing country ! I also tell you about my favorite places along the way 😉


The capitale Thailand is a must-do, there are so many things to do and visit. The Grand Palace and the klongs (a neighborhood with canals, like a city on water) are very good things to visit. To party with backpackers, go to Khao San Road (small shops and a lot of pubs), and the Cowboy Streets is for the brave ones (it’s like the red district of Amsterdam, but even more murky !). Markets are quite nice too.

To live with expats, I spent few weeks in Sukhumvit, and it was really nice ! It’s like Paris, less cute and warmer. A glass of wine on a rooftop is around 10$, pool parties, underground clubs, it’s way more jet-set than backpack. And it feels good sometimes ! 😀


Mes adresses :

The Sukhothai Bangkok (hotel) -> 5* hotel, for a nice luxury pleasure. 150$ room, which would easily be at 600 in Europe for this standing.

Once Again Hostel (hostel) -> around 10$ a night in dorm, very very good wifi, super common room. Perfect to stay in few days and work online.

Cé la Vie (club) -> commercial music, but I really loved the decor over Bangkok skyline, and the scenography of the club with the lights and the screens. It’s like all models and golden boys around decide to go there to drink too-much expensive cocktail. But… nice place anyway.

Base (club) -> clubs are closing around 2/3am in Bangkok. So if you want to keep partying, you have to find really good underground places; Base club isn’t really registered, and it is good. I liked the techno parties there ! Very tiny place, I let you find it… 😉


Formal capital of Siam’s Kingdom; pretty city full of ruins and temples ! For me, many temples is too much temple; but history of this place is fascinating anyway. Bad side : a lot of tourists are still ridding elephants there in the streets 🙁 it was horrible. Well-being of elephants is really something important for me, please, don’t ride them ♥ to know more about that, click here.

A lot of friendly and cheap guesthouses; we stayed at Baan Tebpitak Guesthouse, owned by the very nice Rita 🙂


Very small town, not too many interest. If you come here, it’s for the huge Sukhothaï park, which I love; it’s my favorite ruins in Thailand. It’s so nice and easy to chill there. You can wander all day.

Thousands of trees, ruins, statues… not too much tourists, ’cause they’re going right away to Ayutthaya, so it’s a good spot 😉 You can rent a bicycle , or just walk around.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the spot of Southeast Asia for digital nomads, so I naturally stayed there few times, to work and meet people. Very nice night market with a great food court. A lot of visits to do in the old town, and you can also find great cooking classes there !

It’s the perfect place to buy some souvenirs and chill and visit in the same time.

My adresses :

Oasis Spa (spa) -> luxury spa to really treat yourself. I’m used to spa weekend in France, but this is clearly the best spa ever ! Expensive for the country, but it’s still cheaper than in France and the service is perfection 🙂

Rustic & Blue (restaurant) -> my fav place to work and have breakfast/brunch/lunch ! Best wifi, and surrounded by nice shops. Hype neighborhood, but still.

Robin Beauty & Barber (esthetician) -> I’ve known some traumatic and painful waxing moments in Asia… But with Robin, you have NOTHING to fear ! She’s the best, very fast and effective. Her prices are a bit more expensive that what you can find in Asia, but come on, a waxing like that it’s so rare around there.

Hillside Condominium (air bnb) -> when I came back for the 3rd time in CM, I wanted to settle a bit. So I rent an appartment via Air Bnb for a week, and it was great. Hillside Condominium is an ensemble of buildings in Nimmand Road neighborhood; a lot of Air bnb are available there. It’s a bit more expensive, but it’s the perfect place to work and meet other travelers, especially digital nomads 🙂


I looooved Pai. So cool you can wake up one morning and realize you’re there since few weeks. Village near the mountains, great to make friends, wander with your bike around waterfalls and hotspring waters. There is a little pub street, where all backpackers go to drink and dance in fluorescent and cosy decors.

There is also the best night market I did in Thailand, with a lot of souvenirs, great clothes and delicious food stands.

My adresses :

Baan Mai Sak (hostel) -> I liked this place so much, I only stay there. Clean, very good location, quiet, and perfect to meet other travelers in peace. Kent, the owner, is so nice and will do everything he can to help you. Wifi is good, patio is nice, I have great memories there (pic above with my friend Jenny)

Big’s Little Cafe (street food) -> Small kitchen on the street, surrounded with a dozen of seats. We eat while watching the cooks doing their magic; burgers are divines, sandwichs too, breakfast are amazing. Most of the products are fresh… went there a couple times, and I was always full and happy !

Night Market (food stands) -> the little Pai’s market is along the main street. The food stands are really good; I advice you to taste the falafels and the spinach quiches 😉


Chiang Rai : Didn’t went there but I should; the white temple seems amazing, and I heard you can find the cheapest drones there too ! Weird, huh ? But worth the road, I’m sure !


I hope this itinerary will help you with your plans in North Thailand 🙂 To move around, bus and trains are very cheap and easy to go ♥

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