Italian Road Trip Feelings

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With my dear friend Manon, we travelled, during 10 days, on Italy‘s roads. It’s been such a long time since we wanted to do a romantic road trip in Tuscany, across Cinque Terre and the Chianti valley (cheers!). During a typically winy and parisian afternoon like we used to enjoy when she still lived near me, we suddenly realized : « wait, who needs a lover to do that ? Let’s go together ! ». And that was iiit 🙂

A rented car, more than 2000km, at least a dozen of pizzas, some messy nights, unforgettable meetings and a lot of laughing. La Spezia, Vernazza, Volterra, Siena, Firenze, Venezia and Verona are few of the many steps we travelled to. Here are some pictures of our wonderful trip, and an extract of my journal, which brings so many vibrant memories of everything we lived there.

« All those memories which are now inked in my mind… The Danish, Nicholas’ voice, the burn of concrete under my bared feet who danced at the sun on Siena’s roofs, the wonderful Savoie mountains, Manon big laughing eyes, all those beautiful people met, the good and icy air of snow, the sparkling sea of Cinque Terre, night roads we drove into, the smell of fireplace, the melted mozzarella, the salty taste of parmigiano, those trees so green, so tall and who smelled so good… So much magic. There it is, Italy is over. »

Sunday October 30, 2016, 18h55, train Chambery -> Paris

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