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Today I want to share with you those insta’s accounts which inspire me and send so much good vibes that they always put me in an amazing mood. I think Instagram is a very powerful tool to create inspiration; at least for me 🙂 I love this accounts, I check it nearly every day… they’re like like little virtual sunshines on my feed !



If I had to follow just one account, it would be this one. I love it deeply. “Bengie” (yeah with 8 n) lives in Vancouver and I discovered him when he realized a short movie for Free People (yes, we always going to talk about it hihi). His pictures invite to a journey, not only on earth but also in a spiritual way. They are so beautiful that actually I have no word to describe them, so I let you escape by yourself bu checking his page.


Vibes sent : magnificence, introspection, opening, beauty, evasion.

insta6I find this artist’s work so inspiring. Her space is so pure, delicate, all is sweetness and clarity; there is always a little bit of mystery in her drawings and paintings, it’s very lunar and close to the elements… I adore it.


Her insta’s vibes : purity, delicacy, mysticism, sensibility.








This account belongs to a photographer living in Oregon. One word about it : beauty. The beauty in everything our eyes can see, landscapes, people, earth and nature… So much peace in her photographies, I love it. Her landscapes are just amazing and I think her page is perfect to feel serene and calm.


Vibes : peace, serenity, calm, space, life.






insta3Serena is a photo retoucher in fashion; she’s beautiful, she’s energetic, and her everyday life in Hawaï makes dream about an idyllic lifestyle. Her pics are so fresh and positives… she amazes me with her travels, her optimistic mind and her perfect body ! Her photographs are so colorful and full of sunshine, they’re made to put you in a good mood !


Vibes transmitted : joy, energy, happiness, love, beauty.

insta4This blogger who just becomes a mother floods her instagram with adorable and authentic moments. In her photographs, nature is always there, and everywhere are hiding some graphic little details I appreciate so much. I love her world.


Her vibes : mother-earth, sweetness, authenticity, nature, life.

insta2So much pretty colors and inspiring pics on the account of this collective which proposes “magazines” or wonderful books full of fashion, bohemian decor and ethnic details. Their instagram is exactly like that. Interesting, dreamy and poetic. For free spirit only.


Vibes sent : inspiration, freedom, beliefs, calm, poesy.

What are your fav’s instagram account ? Let me know ♥

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