How I fell in love with New York

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I first discovered New York City during 3 days and a half (precisely !) in last april. It was a wonderful birthday gift from my mother : spend a long week end with my beloved in NY. I was expecting nothing less than I saw in movies, a big city, full of things and buildings… But in reality, I fell in love. Of its neighborhoods, its inhabitants, its parks, its buildings, its air, its street, its everything. Since then, I’m dreaming about one thing : go back and settle in. I cried so much when I left !

Moving isn’t plan for now, but my wish will come true very soon because I’ll come back in few weeks ♥ yaaayyyy intense and immeasurable joy ! Even if I’m thinking about creating a NYC map on my blog in the category Pretty cool addresses, I didn’t want to tell you exactly what I did and what I saw for this article. I’d rather list the reasons why I adore this city : why I fell desperately in love with it ! And this comes with magicals pictures taken by me sometimes, but more often by my talented boyfriend.


 Central Park. If you did come there, you know there is no much to explain. It’s this feeling to be in a forest and the next second to see few of tallest buildings in the world. To eat in the Boathouse, running at 6am. Those things I did, I would like to do it again every weeks of my life. Blossoming trees, baseball games, rocks which are from the prehistory. Central Park tho.

 Sport’s trivialization. Gyms are open 24h/24. Maybe for you guys it’s obvious, but in France it’s not like that at all ! In NYC, in every moment of the day but especially very early in the morning, we can see in flat’s half  basements people running and working hard to be in shape. 80% of women are in suit and baskets on the street, because they always find time to workout in their days. I like it and I admire this attitude.

 The Rockefeller Center, with its place, its exhibitions, its icerink, its Top of the Rock with the beautifulest view of New York (for me), and its shops (Anthopologie and Free Peopleeeeee)


 The immoderation. Being such a professional drama-queen myself, I really enjoy the immoderation and the delusions of grandeur of New York City. When they have something to do, americans put themselves completely into it. Right ? Whether it’s for a huge shop in homage to M&M’s, size of the parks, of the buildings, or even of the burgers !

 Thousands of restaurants, with their cards for any price, any tastes, any origines. An illimited choice and a dream for a so greedyyy girl like me.

 Times Square. The sereins of dozens of meters high, the lights at each hours of days and nights. What else ? ♥

 The New Yorkers. Yeah it seems crazy, but I’d like the inhabitants of New York. Maybe I had luck, but a lot of different people help us very spontaneoulsy and offered their advices, very kindly and thoughtfuly. It moved me ! In Paris people just want you to not talk to them you know ?


The architecture. Churches go alongside glasses buildings, we never know on what kind of structure we are gonna see at the corner of the street. It’s fantastic !

– To be french in NY brings you a lot of privileges. I don’t know about the other nationalities, but to be french opens luxious rooftops doors and hype places. We will not complain about that are we ?

 The unexpected. We never know which surprise will be at the next corner. A gifted waitress can begin to sing like an angel in your restaurant. We can find ourselves face to face with Sarah Jessica Parker, have a drink at the top of a skyscraper, be lost in the middle of thousands of people who only speak chinese…

 The Chrysler Building and the Empire State. Views I will never forget; the Chrysler building is shinning so intensely, it seems made of glasses and diamonds. I love it !


 The shop I never find in France and which are in every corner of the streets here ! There so much new concepts. And there are Victoria’s Secret, HBO’s, and most of all Free People ♥ Love and adoration avalanche just for that.

 Clichés and the feeling that movies are réal.  Taxis really refuse to leave Manhattan to get us in Brooklyn. There is no one on the Upper East Side’s street because rich people are taking cab. Homeless hold end of the world’s messages. And sometimes, we realize that we know this place or this restaurant, because it’s the decor of our favorites romantic comedies. We live the story.

 The bridges, all of them ! Brooklyn, the High Line, and every high path like this. It’s beautiful and really romantic !

 The spirit. It is not the american dream, but more the New York dream. We feel that everything is at hand reach if we work very hard to succeed. The elitism, the rigor, the passion, are the values which seem to rule here, and it’s also my motivations !

I can go on like this for hours on all the reasons why I love New York. But I’d rather let you with few pictures ! Have you visited New York ? Maybe some of you are living there ? Tell me


New York, I love you !


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  1. I love this! How you laid it out within your blog post, and how your boyfriend took some of the photos, this is very special and something I’m sure you will look back on years from now.


  2. Oh my goodness! These photos are so magical. I’ve only been to NYC once and I LOVED it. I want to go back so badly! My family is taking a trip next spring and I’m hoping to save up enough to go with them! This post totally inspire me to work for it! <3

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