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What I liked the most in Goa : markets. It’s so beautiful, colorful, and last for or the entire day- or a good portion of the night… since more than 30 years for some of them ! You can find some everyday, but the most impressive are on wednesday and the weekends.

This one is the Anjuna Flea Market.

It’s quite long and goes around a sort of desert all the way to the beach. Delicious spices, beautiful clothes, unique furniture, embroidered fabrics, wood toys, vintage jewelry, all kind of things… it was torture to not break ! “My home is my backpack, my home is my backpack…” I told myself again and again. Hard stuff haha.

To go there, you just have to take a cab or a tuktuk, everybody knows the place ! And if the flea markets like this one are more visited by tourists, the “local markets” are more attended by indians. Makes sense, we can found a lot of daily products; so the souvenirs like pashminas or jewelry are much cheaper ! But it’s also less chill to go around, because it’s crowded.

At the end of the market, there is a restaurant on the beach, as bars with music. BUT it’s not the most interesting; the more fascinating, it’s this man, and his booth, that you can find just before. He designs and sews all this pieces, handmade. It’s so unique, he hasn’t a website or a fb, he doesn’t do any advertising… he’s so humble and kind. His work is amazing !! I love all the bags ♥

In France, this kind of leather satchels, with refined details, would cost few hundred of euros. He’s selling his around 60€, it depends of the model. My friend bought a wonderful one, and he just paid 40; this man even gave him back 5€ we want to gave him with it. He’s so creative and giving ! The ways the bags are closing are crazy original, it was breathtaking.

No way to contact him or to buy his bacs online, if you want one, you will have to find him. Every wednesday in Anjuna Flea Market 😉

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  1. Vanessa says:

    That last picture got me … like wow! Love it!


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