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125efdd5db1c3965f550a4448161b7c1ba3attaque-panda-rouxCutennneeeeeeeeeeeessssss overlooaaaad… ⇑

I’m very fond of animals. Easy guess, right ? They have something innocent, a thing. Maybe because we can’t understand them, they seem so pure. Kind of like the strangers who don’t speak the same language as us. They don’t seem to get us, so it gives them a very sweet and kind aura while maybe, inside, they’re insult us. Do you see what I mean ? 🙂

If I had to be an animal… I don’t know what I will be. An otter ? An owl ? A cat maybe. And you, what animal would you be ? ♥

Drawing and pictures found on Pinterest. Special ovation for the red prankster panda of the end who makes me “awwww” for hours.

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1 Comment

  1. Oh my goodness!! Cuteness overload!! I love animals too <3 x

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