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It’s wednesdayyyy, so today it’s cutenessday, the day full of lovely things ! Focus on animals, who really are an incomparable source of sweetness, especially when they are babys ♥ they are the innocence at its most pure state. I chose few kittens and hedgehogs because I always wanted one, especially an hedgehog… I think it is so adorable !

I announce you that one in three wednesday will be “tattoonessday” ! I found a work which can define that in french, but is it real in english ? I mean, understandable ? Thank you for letting me know 😉 I adore tattoos, I always picturing them all over my body, but I don’t have enough room for that ! Anyway, make room for sweeeeet little babies of the day ! I let you to your “awwww“… ♥


Cats and fawn pictures : Pinterest

Owl’s illustration : David Kawena 

Little dog butt (5th picture) : Boo‘s Instagram

Hedgehogs : Darcy the Flying Hedgehog’s Instagram 


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