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Last month, I went in Copenhagen for three days (Denmark’s capital, who people who aren’t that good in geography haha) with my pal Pauline. And it was greaaaat !

Firt thing, the price. Not that expensive ! If we hadn’t shop anything, I think we had spend just 300 euros (like 325 $ as I’m writing) all-included : plane tickets, nights in hotel, train, meals and visits. And even if we went there on a whim… we had the best youth hostel of the world !! (yes, I mean it !). So, here are my advices et good spots in Copenhagen 😉 as usual, I will put new things with time.


Little things to know on Copenhagen :

– Meals there are very healthy, with a lot of fishes. But there are also crazy pastries, with an insane amount of calories ! A lot of cream cakes (I don’t like cream so I’m not a good judge), and little things like croissants but full of chocolate or cinnamon powder. Those was very yummy ! There are bakeries everywhere there, buy yourself a treat 😉

– It’s a quiet city ! Streets are calm, day or night. It feels like a very safe place. But be careful anyway because… it’s the world where we’re live in. Anyway, I always felt safe.

– Danish people eat very early; around 6pm ! So shops and museums are closed by 5 or 6pm too.

– Danish are very sweet people. Polite, open-minded, and so friendly ! I know it sounds cliché, but they actually are very tall and blonds for most of them ! Especially kids, their hair are almost white !

– In danish idioma, there is a word that we can’t translate:  hygge. It illustrates a very important thing in danish culture; it means something “painless” like the tranquility, the comfort, “to feel good”. Huge amount of ♥ for this concept !

– Copenhagen was elected the most gay-friendly town recently if I’m correct. In 1989, they recognized the first homosexual union, named the “registered partnership”.

– A lot of things are from Denmark actually ! Like miniature houses for example. You know, with the tiny chairs, tiny lamps, and everything in a small cute size ? Pix are up 😉 Carlsberg beer comes from there too. And they also have great porcelain dishes, and created the Lego brand.

Advices :

– Copenhagen is not a big town; if you want to visit just the center (the most touristic part), 4 or 5 days are enough. But if you want to visit entirely each neighborhoods and really enjoy your time in the city, I think 10 days will be okay.

– if you’re going on winter, take some warm clothes with you and something to protect you from the rain; maybe we had bad luck with the weather, but honestly the cold came into ours bones, it was frizzing !

-except if you’re in a hurry, don’t waste money in subway tickets; Copenhagen is a small town, and everything is arranged for pedestrians. On maps, distances seem crazy long but they are actually very short !


My favorites Adresses :

To sleep and party :

– nothing can be as amazing as the best hostel of all time, the Copenhagen Downtown Hostel. It was elected many times as best youth hostel of Europe I think, and it’s heaven. There were some families, business people in travel, but especially a huge bunch of backpackers and travel-lovers from all around the world. We met girls from Australia, Americans, Brazilians, Italiens, and even Danish who saw there a good spot to meet strangers. This hostel has everything you can dream about : multi bedrooms from 2 to 10 beds, a bar, games, a “pillow” corner, good sounds, free iPads, a kitchen, awesome menu, amazing atmosphere… We tried to go out find some bar or club, but each time we came back there; it was too great ! Big tip : every evening at 6:30pm, they serve free meal ! I know, this is crazy ! ♥

 To party more : ’cause there karaoke is so hype (not like in France, here unfortunately it’s kind of lame 🙁 ), the Sam’s Bar is wonderful. It’s a karaoke bar known by Danish mostly. I spent there one of the best night of my life ! We thought we were in a viking pub when they started to sing their national hymn. We dared to take the microphone ourselves to sing “La vie en rose” with our little voices. It was so cool ! 😀

To eat : 

– on Nyhavn‘s street near the harbor. Restaurants there are made for tourists, but it’s cheap and very good ! You can find all fishes specialities but also meats, good desert and meals for every tastes, for less than 20 euros (22$).

– Lagkagehuset : Delicious bakeries chain. They have sandwiches, a lot of cakes and pastries, and also very tasty hot beverage.

– Grillen Burgerbar : no 42 of Dronningensgade street, in the Christianhavn’s neighborhood. Personalized fries and burgers, very big and served with a little sauce pot in a glass jar. It’s the kind of detail which makes a difference for me ! We can choose if we want our burger to have one, two, or zero bun and I liked it with just one ! The place is cosy and warm, very clean, and so affordable : a meal for 89 dk, so 11€ or 12$. Delicious !

To shop :

– Most of the shops are on Stroget, the longest and pedestrian street of Europe. H&M, Zara, Topshop, Disney Store, Lego, we find everything we already know, but also small very cool designer shops. But they are mot of the time quite expensive.

– Pang, in Christianshavn : Retro fashion, cute dishes and small gadgets. We spent at least 30 min in the little and very colorful boutique.

– Tiger, in Frederiksberg. A huge amount of cute things, bright colors everywhere, a lot of treats for your home. Everything is affordable !

– Bik Bok, in the same area. Clothes less cheap than in H&M, but pretty different from what we have in France. The shop is big and nice; if you are looking for different clothes, it’s a good place !

– Design Museum Shop : if you are craving for inspiration, you will have troubles to leave this store ! Endless bookcases of art books of every kind, very cool cards, decorations… I hesitated between a thousand books, and I finally left with a huge book on the scandinavian design. It’s a real treasure !

To visit : 

– Stroget, the longest pedestrian street of Europe . Nyhavn, the little harbor with colorful houses. The Denmark national museum, with an impressive collection; a lot of things about inuits, I loved that ! Design Museum, especially for its store hihi.

– Christiania, very impressive ! We’re in the so clean so quiet Copenhagen, when suddenly we enter this area, which is like a different “state” which lives according to its own rules. This is the world of hippies, squatters, controversial artists. A little dirty and really unbelievable, it was so interesting ! You have to go.

Here are about what I have to say on Copenhagen. I’m sorry for the bad pictures, my camera is not good ! Hope it will help some of you 😉 A lot of Bixx ♥


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