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We are all rattle by wednesday 7 january attack. I’ve trouble to find words. As I said yesterday on my fb page, all which come to my mind sound so condescending. But I wanted to write a post anyway, to express myself, because I think that more now than before, we need to express ourselves. It’s a need and A RIGHT which is necessary to love and protect, which need to fight for.

I didn’t know what to do a my level to show my support, my indignation… I know it’s a ridiculous comparison, but I write too, it’s part of my job. More than a blogger, I’m a writer, even if I don’t write on politics or satire. I feel concerned. Everyone was sharing the grey logo Je suis Charlie which was created by Joachim Roncin, layout artist for Stylist magazine and who didn’t have words either. As I thin you know, je suis Charlie means I am Charlie. So, as I don’t know to draw caricature or have a sharp mind, I took my needle, my scissors and my paint, and I create for myself a sweat to say too, je suis Charlie.

Beside my picture, I share an illustration I like from Philippe Constanza. The bigger pencil is broken, but with love and strength (in shape of pen sharpener, it’s kind of cute), we can mark this revolution et be stronger, and be many many of us.


Everything that happened affect France, and the press all over the world. When Charlie Hebdo members were killed, it’s all of us who got shot. And it will have big big repercussions. “Je suis Charlie” will become for our generation, at least in France, a scream, a rebellion message full of hope, all our life. As our parents had their own fight before us, this one will be ours. I read this sentence and I really liked it :

Ils ont voulu tuer Charlie Hebdo; ils l’ont rendu immortel

They wanted to kill Charlie Hebdo; they made it immortal


This is so true. They wanted to shut them off forever, but their drawings were never as read than today. I’m not a fan of black and cynical humour, so I didn’t read Charlie Hebdo. But I will start now, and millions of persons accro the world too. None drawings, none word in the world, as painful it can be, can be as fatal as a bullet.

After I heard about the fusillade, I’ve got scared. Very scared of horrifying amalgams which can appear. Scared for muslim community. And I realized with surprise that a lot more of people than I thought were as frightened as me. I saw messages of love and tolerance send by thousands, and I was moved. Never I saw so much of muslim people and non-muslim people stand up for each other. It’s beautiful and full of hope.

I think a lot of families, friends, colleagues of Charlie Hebdo members’, but also at the ones of policemen’s from wednesday, yesterday and today. Of all the victims from the week and those who risk to be. I pay tribute to them. We have to fight by our presence and our pencils for the right to freedom of expression, for a free world, without hate. A world maybe utopia, but full of love. That’s it to be Charlie. Je suis Charlie. ♥


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