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Can Tho – Vlog


Here is the first video of my new travel life, about Can Tho in Vietnam ! I add english subtitles, you just have to click on the bottom right of your screen and to choose “english”. Please give me your suggestions, ideas, what you think about it… it will really help me improve ! 🙂

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Angkor temples (and what you need to know before visiting)


Angkor Thom of course ! Angkor’s temples are mythical, mystical and the first source of tourism in Cambodia. Maybe you saw it before in famous movies like Tomb Raider or Deux frères 😉 Few entry pass exist (not cheap !) and many ways to visit it. A pass just for a day (I paid 37$), which not […]

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Volunteering in the jungle


I wanted to begin my big journey by something important to me. Something I find helpful. I’ve always been intrigued by wild animals, and I know that if we don’t do something about it, for the next generations they will be no more than a concept. Like dinosaurs. “Magic” animals, which disappeared. Because of us. […]

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Siem Reap


Siem Reap was the first spot of my brand new life, and my arrival in Cambodia. On april 14th, after just more than half a day of travelling. Fourteen hours to restart my whole life, it’s nothing… my new path began here. It wasn’t on purpose, but the day I arrived was the first day of […]

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The day I decided to do the tour of the world

World's Tour

This very catchy title isn’t totally accurate… I didn’t woke up, one morning, and told myself “hey, I’m going to discover the world right now !”. It’s a background project of life, an idea which grow old with time, experiences and people I met. But few weeks now, I decided that this dream, will become […]

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