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Itinerary line : North Thailand


I spent around 2 months in Thailand. It’s like my headquarter in Asia, I come and go quite often. I “lived” more than I visited, and I concentrated my experiences in the North. Here is an itinerary you can do, not really outside the touristic path, but simple, nice and efficient to enjoy this amazing […]

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Cape Verde

AfricaCape Verde

Four years ago, I visited Cape Verde. It was amazing and so beautiful ! I did a video back then, but never share it on the blog; now it’s done 🙂 Sorry, for once, english subtitles are not available (for now)

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Bern and our costumes


english subtitles available, like always 😉 What an extreme change it was for me to go from Asia to Switzerland ! But that’s what I like about life, contrast 🙂 With my friends, we explored Bern, Switzerland capital, for one day full of fun and interesting things. In this video, I also explain to you […]

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Safari in Chitwan


We made a stop in Chitwan national park, in the south of Nepal. It is a very well-preserved region, where fauna and flora are very dense; it has been magical for me, who love to live near nature ! We stayed in Chitwan Gaida Lodge, in bungalows builded in a big garden with a jungle-vibe. The staff is […]

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Pashupatinath is a sacred place in Kathmandu; nepalese people come here to do cremation ceremonies for their deceased ones, near the river. Those events are public and everyone can assist to them. It was a moment extremely intense and rough in the same time; some images can be shocking. We were very moved by this place full […]

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GOA – Anjuna Flea Market


What I liked the most in Goa : markets. It’s so beautiful, colorful, and last for or the entire day- or a good portion of the night… since more than 30 years for some of them ! You can find some everyday, but the most impressive are on wednesday and the weekends. This one is […]

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