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Petit Bao


116th Saint-Denis street, 2nd arrondissement, Paris. Petit Bao is an authentic chinese restaurant, serving homemade dishes with a big smile. Its specialty ? Shanghai dishes, and especially the bao, ravioli stuffed (with meat or vegetables) and full of bouillon. I like everything over there : the great staff always willing to help, the minimalist and […]

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Reminiscent : come back of imprecise memories, which may cause emotions. (english subtitles available) I made this little film last year, in the south of France. It’s very important to me, because it relates feelings and history who are really mine, and very personal. It’s a piece of my heart in images… a piece which […]

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teamLab : Borderless


Borderless (or Au-delà des limites in french) is an immersive and interactive exhibition created by the Japanese collective teamLab. It takes place everywhere in the world, but is in France from may to september 2018. I loooved this exhibit; the link between nature and technology, if sometimes seems akward, here is very very well done. So I decided […]

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The light

Fashion & Thoughts

Top/New Look – Skirt bought in Nepal I always considered that I was really lucky in life. I have a roof above my head, I never craved for food, I went to school. But for most of humans being -me included-, this basic blessings are not enough to create a life of happiness. I met […]

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The right time

Fashion & Thoughts

“You’re not ready.” “Wait a little more.” “You’re gonna regret it.” All this thoughts heard from my family and friends, before I leave for my trip. All this thoughts that you will probably hear too, if you take a big step in your life, if you begin a big change, or something new. All this […]

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Fashion & Thoughts

When we’re young adult (yes I don’t picture myself as an adult, I’m completely in denial haha), we ask ourselves a lot of questions about the after. About our future. About what we are suppose to do. Who are we gonna be ? What do we have to build ? Where are we gonna live ? […]

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