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Canggu is a town on Bali’s west coast. I spend few weeks there. My places-to-be are at the end of the post 😉 For more infos about Bali, click here.

Try to picture a sunny place on the coast, made of little streets and rice fields, where expats and locals live together. A little heaven, full of surfers, yogis, tattoo shops and vegan/healthy food. I never ate that well in Asia. All the restaurants there are delicious, for every range of prices and tastes. Everyone is wandering in bikinis, body covered of tattoos, around the shops, the markets, the beach, and the big main street, Batu Bolong. It’s also a meeting point for digital nomads, ‘cause we can find the Dojo there, a very cool co-working space where young entrepreneurs exchange their ideas to make their business work and keep living on the road.

It’s basically my tailor-made paradise.

There is roughly two places to party. After few days you know all the faces, people are chill and the vibe is great. Only bad side, all this can sometimes look a lil bit superficial… but we get use to it 😀

For accommodation, you can find 7$ hostel, 20$ guesthouse with swimming pool… no big fancy hotel yet, which is great ! You can also rent crazy villas monthly, for… around 400$. Yes it’s crazy.

Canggu is also a good spot for every-levels surfers; and there is always something to do. From calligraphy workshops to meditation gathering and jewelry making, you can’t be bored over there. I met some incredible people… I’ll never forget. I knew my spiritual awakening over there, did 2 yoga retreats, made my own bracelet (pic below), join a sisterhood ceremony… magie all the way.

Making my own bracelet, in House of Alaia

You can visit the Tanah Lot temple on the water. It’s nice but busy obviously. Go there for sunset, and take the  little roads up the cliff; it’s so beautiful to see the pink sun over the ocean.

As an enthusiastic yogi, I loved Canggu ’cause it’s all about yoga, and I discovered the best school over there : The Practice. The architecture is unbelievable, teachers are great, classes amazing. A blast ! And so peaceful.

Now you know, that Canggu is my favorite city in Bali… and even one of my fav place in the world I must say ! I felt like home.

yummy salad at Shady Shack #miam
As said above I really enjoyed Canggu food. And I also had crazy fun. So here are my adresses for restaurants and everything !

Monsieur Spoon : okay, western food alert. So good sometimes to eat “french” food. Special crush on the burger ! 

Shady Shack : yummyyy healthy and vegetarian place. Cute decor in a little garden. Went there 10 times (at least), I love it ! Dishes are colorful and big portions.

Deus Café : more expensive, western food, but nice vibe because it’s a restaurant, art gallery, surf shop, barber shop and motobike workshop. Special Tattoos & Tacos tuesdays, when you can eat tacos and be tattooed… for free. Yes, it’s dope.

Crate : the place to be for breakfast. Amazing food, unique and nice atmosphere. And cheap 🙂

Alkaline : msotly vegan, attached to Serenity Guesthouse/yoga school. I finally had the chance to taste some raw food there and it was unbelievable ! I never thought that it can be delicious.

La Laguna : the prettiest restaurant I’d ever seen. Bohemian inspiration, you even have cute caravans for cards reading over there. Western fine cuisine, very good. Very romantic place with a big garden, great for sunny days and especially for sunsets, that you can admire from your table, who is almost on the beach.

Goint out

Pretty Poison : super cool bar with a skate park into the ground; it’s so nice to see people having fun with a nice music in background !

Old Mans : casual beach bar/club with commercial music; big and crazy beer-pong tournaments organized during the parties. A little bit overrated, but everyone goes there 🙂


House of Gaia : very nice jewelry boutique/workshop, where I had the chance to imagine and create my own bracelet, from A to Z. I melted it, engraved it, everything. It was awesome 🙂

The Practice : very good yoga school, where you can participate to gathering, workshopts… I really liked their shop too.

The Dojo : co-working space with a tiny swimming pool, nice to meet other digital nomads and work in a chill but focus atmosphere.

Shopping : EVERY BOUTIQUES haha. I love the style over there. But to stay local and cheap, go to Love Anchor Market.

Tattoo : I went in Babayaga Tattoo studio on Batu Bolong… best tattooing experience ever ! And I already have a bunch… they really listen to what I wanted, the artist did a splendid drawing, and the realization is fine and perfect ! ♥

La Laguna

Hope this post inspired you to visit my wonderful Canggu ♥

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