Travel Diary extract – Peru


Below, pictures and extracts of my travel diary of Peru. It was in august 2012. This travel radically changed my entire life. I went there with my bf family during two weeks, and we visited especially the south of the country, with the big things to see. I hope go back again someday ! My […]

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Boyish Mood

Fashion & Thoughts

I was in two differents moods today. Wearing a feminine makeup, “pin-up” spirit; and dress in a comfy way, with a masculine touch. I like mixing styles this way. In this pictures I will show you how my brain analyzed my own look very boyish ! It’s very cliché I know it hihi ! So […]

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When my Mess is a Bless


Sometimes, my mess is a real bless. I was wandering into my home today, camera in hands, wondering what I’ll write for my first article on this blog. It such an important project for me, I’m so passionate about it ♥ As  usual, apartment is pretty messy. My stuffs are all over the place, in a […]

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