Our Benin documentary


Last december I went to subsaharian Africa, to Benin, to make a documentary about vodun places renovation, which are so important to benin culture preservation. With my colleagues we took sounds and images, then I did the color grading of the documentary, and sound design of it, once the director finished to edit it. This […]

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Flying to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Inspirational video about Sri Lanka, that I visited for one month late 2017, during my road trip in Asia. This island really surprised me by the diversity of its landscapes, its atmospheres… great spot to surf, but also to hike, sightseeing temples made of thousands of colors, going around in tea plantations, and observe hundred […]

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Petit Bao


116th Saint-Denis street, 2nd arrondissement, Paris. Petit Bao is an authentic chinese restaurant, serving homemade dishes with a big smile. Its specialty ? Shanghai dishes, and especially the bao, ravioli stuffed (with meat or vegetables) and full of bouillon. I like everything over there : the great staff always willing to help, the minimalist and […]

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Few pics from Benin


  I visited Benin for work; we shoot a documentary about the remaking of vaudou places during an art festival : “Éclosions Urbaines“. It’s a very colorful country, and I’ve many things to tell about it; but I’ve to think about how to build this, otherwise it’s gonna be a mess. Meanwhile, I let you with […]

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Reminiscent : come back of imprecise memories, which may cause emotions. (english subtitles available) I made this little film last year, in the south of France. It’s very important to me, because it relates feelings and history who are really mine, and very personal. It’s a piece of my heart in images… a piece which […]

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