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Hey 🙂

A little note about the author ? Welcome on my blog ! I’m AC, I’m 27 and I’m french. I live near Paris and I have a fashion degree. Fascinated by nearly everything on my way, I especially love nature and travels. Always full of dreams and big plans, I love fashion, and I’m totally in love with the indie bohemian style shown by Free People, for whom I dream to work for one day, in Philadelphia.

I currently work as a video maker & editor.

Why create this blog ? I started this blog in october 2014, to share my inspirations and my passion for traveling and fashion. At the time I saw it as a mood-board, a juxtaposition of pix and texts which mean something to me. I tried to share my vision of fashion as I love it, boheme, authentic, respectful and free of rules ! Now the blog is evolving with my life, and is more centered around travels and how to travel.

Where does your content come from ? I take the most of the pictures which are here, and when it’s not from me I say it. I often collaborate with photographers I like a lot for my fashion series, and in this case I obviously write their name and their website so you can also enjoy their work 🙂 Like here, there or over there.

Interested by a partnership/collaboration/sponsoring ? I read with great pleasure all your messages; it depends of the project. If I like it and it fits in my blog’s spirit, I would be very happy to participate ! Opinions here are all mines, and I’ll never advice something I didn’t approve to my readers. Matter of trust ♥ By the way, when something I wear was a gift, I put this symbol ∴ around it.

About the blog : the design, texts and pics are by myself except specifies otherwise, and the logo/drawing on the side is by the very talented Anna Sun.

If you want to contact me, for anything, please don’t hesitate, just write below.