4 unique things to do in Hoi An

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Hoi An is a veeery cute cite, particularly loved by tourists. In fact I think it was my favorite place in Vietnam ! Its architecture is well-preserved, et life seems to be very sweet there with its river, its locals shops and its thousands of lanterns.

Before, the city was on the way of maritime trade of silk, maybe that is why we can find so many tailors there… just so you know, my tailor-made dress cost me around 16$, and my jean shorts 32$. Enjoy 😉

You have english subtitles available !

The restaurant when I ate what has been for the BEST Banh Mi (typical vietnamese sandwich) of all Vietnam is named PHI BANH MI, and here is its adress : 88 Thái Phiên, Cẩm Phô, Tp. Hội An

The Jack’s Cat Cafe is the perfect shelter : the food, mostly vegan is delicious, the garden is amazing and the association really takes good care of the animals, who can be adopted by the way. The enter fees are around 10$, and you have a drink with it. And you can easily chill there all day long ! You can also ask to work as a volunteer there. Address : Lê Hồng Phong, Tân An, Tp. Hội An

Hope this video can be useful for your visit of Hoi An ♥


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